This weeks collector Bryan Mcquade


I am writing this in behalf of this weeks collector,friend Mcquade. He lost his life at a very young age a few years back but is still in our hearts.What stood out mostly to me about Bryan was that although he wasn’t given life on a silver spoon he always had a positive attitude towards life.Just a good kid and i am not just blowing smoke he truly was a good kid and was always positive despite what his current situation was.I can’t begin to explain how many people still to this day come into the shop and tell me stories about everything they did together ,all the fun times ext.

In the end his death was tragic and he will always be remembered. The following paragraph was written by Bryan’s mom Nancy..

My name is nancy mcquade my son was Bryan McQuade know to many as Beej.As a lot of people know when Beej was 19 he lost his life due to a drowning, He got his ged then completed 1 year at Northampton college> He wanted to after graduating college open up a restaurant and only hire people with tatts,because he said its hard to find a job if u have tattoo’s. Beej meet Brian a number of years ago and Brian did many of his tattoos and also did a full sleeve which they went to the phila tatts convention to show. As of this day Brian still has on display my son showing his full sleeve. which is in a tattoo book with a short story on Brian and my son Beej.And might I add my older son and i have tattoo’s done by Brian also and we are very happy with them,he does amazing work.

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