Dan Henk

Born in 1972, on a small army base in the south, Dan Henk grew up on a diet of science fiction and horror books. At eighteen Dan Henk was kicked out of his house. He spent the next eight months homeless, often living in the woods. Six months later, he was in the passenger seat of a car that flipped and his face broke the windshield. Soon after that, the tendon on his thumb was severed in a fight with a crackhead. He came down with brain cancer in 2001, and his wife died in a hit-and-run in 2007. In 2012, a car shattered his bike, throwing him through the windshield and putting him in a coma for hours. There’s a running theory that he is a cyborg.

He’s done art for Madcap Magazine, Maximum Rock and Roll Magazine, Tattoo Artist Magazine, Black Static, This is Horror, Deaddite Press, Skin Deep, The Living Corpse, Aphrodesia, Splatterpunk, Tattoo Prodigies, Pint Sized Paintings, Coalesce, Zombie Apocalypse, Most Precious Blood, Indecision, Locked In A Vacancy, Shai Hulud, Purity Records, and a slew of Memento books. In 1999 he started tattooing. He has been featured in over 100 magazines and books since, and does guest spots and conventions all over the world.

2011 saw the release of his first book, The Black Seas Of Infinity, care of Anarchy Books. Permuted Press reissued it in 2015, and a few months later released his second novel Down Highways In The Dark…By Demons Driven. A third book is on it’s way in 2017. He currently separates his time between tattooing, doing artwork for books and magazines, and writing. He does a regular column for Tattoo Revue, and a blog for Tattoo Artist Magazine. Check him out at his website instagram as DanHenk, or on Facebook as Deadguyllc.