Are primary focus is to educate grow and develop life long relationships with our clients.Since we first opened our doors in 1999 tattoo styles have changed rapidly with the times and so have we.Our goal is to continue to grow with the times and continue to bring the highest level cutting edge techniques in all we currently have to offer. In the end we couldn’t have had the success we have if it wasn’t for all the support from all those that continue to support the arts of the renaissance.Tattoo artist are of the last group of artists to still work 100% by hand and each and every piece of work from tattoos to original paintings are created full heartedly till the very last detail. Third dimension studio will always be about quality and never about quantity.Besides our in house artist we also bring some of the best artist alive today.We appreciate you taking the time to look at what we are currently offering.

Again thank you for all the support and (best of health) to all of you.

Brian Murphy