Brian Murphy Biography
Brian Murphy was born in Staten Island, New York on May 21, 1973. Originally discovering art through the graffiti that was abundant during a time when card board coated every city corner and break dancers battled for real estate with nothing but the skill of art and dance. In 1992 Brian began a lifelong career as a fine artist. Brian began with a formal apprenticeship with Steve Ferguson at the Ink Spot in Elizabeth, New Jersey.
Although Brian struggled with homelessness and addiction for many years he was able to prevail in 2000 and continue life with a new found perspective and understanding of human nature. Since then Brian has opened Third Dimension Studio in Marshall’s Creek, Pennsylvania and has dedicated his life to his art.
Brian has won countless awards, tattooed TV stars, and radio personalities. Not only has Brian had his work published right here in the USA, Brian has had his art published internationally in places such as Hungary, Poland, and France to name a few. He is currently working on a series of instructional videos at his tattoo gallery located in Marshall’s Creek, Pennsylvania, and living out the American dream with his crazy deaf pit bull OzzyBrian Murphy Artist Statement“I work primarily with oil and charcoal. I paint from the inside out and my work is primarily improvised. My artwork fills a void in my life and often takes an exploratory look at the world around me, from social evils to distorted reality and blurred landscapes. My paintings blend the familiar with the frightening, the beautiful with the revolting, and the tasteful with the terrible. I allow the viewer to draw their own conclusions about my work. They should add brush strokes to my canvas with their mind. My work allows my story and the viewer’s story to intertwine fully completing the painting.” – Brian Murphy

I work primarily with oil and charcoal.


Some past exhibits
2005 Woodstock arts festival (Woodstock N.Y
2007 Last Rites skin to canvas ( Last Rites gallery N.Y.C) group show curated by Paul Booth
2008 The twelfth hour (Last Rites Gallery N.Y.C) group show curated by Paul Booth
2008 Abstract and abstraction (Synchronicity space N.Y.C) 2 man show curated by John Amato
2009 Somewhere in Time ( Art and Soul gallery Bethlehem P.A) solo
2011 Identities (Sacred Gallery N.Y.C) 2 man show curated by Franky Velez
2013 Deconstruction ( Schulman Nanticoke P.A) 4 man show curated by Alison Schmidt Carson



Brian is also now chief editor of Skin art and Tattoo revue magazines both Published by tattoo media.
Along with that curates in the studio an in print gallery that takes place in each and every issue Skin art magazine.
Both magazines are distributed world wide and can still be found in most Barnes and Nobles along with many local news stands .