Prices and aftercare


Tattoo Prices

Tattoo prices are based on the artist doing the tattoo. The same way one restaurant may offer a steak for 20$ and another for 100$. It is up to you to find an artist work that works with your own sence of style.

The shop minimum is 60$

Deposits to lock in appointment times are also 60$ and come off the price of your tattoo or painting. There are  no refunds.And appointments must be rescheduled at least 48 hours previous to your appointment in order to keep your deposit credit towards your tattoo.

We can give ball park prices to some tattoo ideas but there are way to many variables involved to know exactly how long a tattoo that someone may have found on the internet may take to replicate/redesign on your particular skin type.

The industry standard for professional tattooing is approx 140$ an hour (depending on the skill level and demand for a certain artist)


Feel free to give a call at 570 223-6602 if there is anything else you are unsure of. And thanks for visiting the site.





Body piercing prices


Basic piercing such as nose,ear,nipple,bellybutton,eyebrows    30$        Both nipples 80$ one nipple is 50$

Dermal’s   50$



Piercing Aftercare

The life of your new tattoo is very dependant upon the care that it receives the first few days. First, keep the tattoo covered with the bandage for at least 3 hours, if not longer or overnight.If the bandage sticks to the tattoo, we recommend moistening the area. This means get in the bath with the age on and take a hot shower or bath to loosen the bandage and the adhesive from the tape, please remove the bandage carefully. Also this will allow your pores to open, which will dilute any dried blood or release ink/pigment that ill not stay during this process. A fresh tattoo may be tender, with larger/longer tattoo work this process is somewhat painful. Once the tattoo is exposed wash it thoroughly, using your fingertips with liquid antibacterial soap and water. Do not scrub your tattoo but do not faintly caress it, be sure to remove all surface blood and rinse off all remaining soap. Wash your tattoo twice a day (once when you wash yourself) and secondly to remove and build up of dirt, weeping plasma, small debris, etc. Always pat lightly to dry your tattoo, then with clean hands apply a light coat of Tattoo Goo, Tattoo Goo Lotion, Lubriderm, or white A&D ointment only. The idea is to keep your tattoo moist and not greasy. If your tattoo scabs, do not pick, for this will ensure fading or loss of color. The tattoo will develop a dry flaking layer of skin, let the skin fall off naturally, NO PICKING!! When your tattoo starts to itch, place a clean paper towel or paper over the tattoo and GENTLY rub. Do not manipulate the tattoo directly.


After the skin has fallen off, there will be a period of adjustment for the new skin to form, sometimes giving the appearance of a faded look. At this time it is advisable to use LUBRIDERM skin lotion, or TATTOO GOO LOTION for about 10 days after. Everybody is different so we recommend 10 days to 3 weeks to heal your tattoo. The tattoo is your responsibility after you leave the studio. Please feel free to call if you have any question or stop by the shop for any concerns.


Piercing Care

These are general guidelines. Everyone is different. A little common sense goes a long way towards avoiding complications with piercing. Be sure to see THE SHOP in the event of redness, swelling, or extended fluid discharge from any piercing.

Golden Rules

1. NEVER touch a healing piercing with anything but your own freshly washed hands.

2. All oral and genital piercing must be kept to themselves until fully healed.

3. Wash external piercing with soap and water three to five times a day to remove buildup. Rinsing with a Listerine/water mixture can be used to remove buildup on oral piercing. Sea salt solution (1 tablespoon sea salt per 8 oz. water, mixed thoroughly) should be used to soak and cleanse all piercing at least three to five times a day. Table salt is NOT an acceptable substitute for sea salt.

4. NEVER use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Iodine-based solutions, creams or ointments to clean a piercing. The sole exception to this is Tea Tree Oil, which works wonders for some.

Daily Care – Below the Belt

These piercing should be cleaned several times a day with soap and water, removing any buildup. Soak 2-3 times per day (more often, if desired) in sea-salt solution. Table salt is not an acceptable substitute for sea salt. If irritation occurs after the use of any cleaning solution, discontinue use and consult your physician and/or piercer. Loose clothing should be worn for the first few days to avoid excess irritation. Avoid playing with the jewelry until piercing is fully healed.

Daily Care- Nipple, Navel, Surface and ear piercing

Clean with soap and water several times a day, removing buildup. Loose clothing should be worn for the first few days to avoid excess irritation. Submerge the piercing in a cup of sea salt solution for 5 minutes three times per day. For the ear, use a cotton swab or ball to soak the piercing. Avoid playing with the jewelry until piercing is fully healed. Persons with long hair should keep it up and away from the fresh piercing.

Daily Care – Oral Piercing (tongue, labret and lip)

Smoking is a no-no! Avoid all oral contact until piercing is fully healed. Listerine mixture should be used between and after every meal. For inside the mouth, gly-oxide helps speed up the healing process. Again, sea salt solution is an all-around healer and should be used liberally and around the mouth.